Hope Cemetery Kennebunk

Kennebunk’s Hope Cemetery is one of the most visible aspects of Kennebunk’s past. It provides a beautiful, peaceful setting for reflection, remembrance and honoring deceased loved ones as well as for walking and appreciating the natural areas surrounding the cemetery.


The cemetery is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors and a seasonal superintendent who oversees the grounds keepers and is the business manager. Please take the time to view our Products and Services, History, Photo Gallery and Information sections. We are currently working on a fully searchable Burial Database which will be periodically updated.


The cemetery design mimics the iconic style of the famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead with curved roadways and certain family lots with distinct character. The oldest section, the Old Church Yard, abuts the First Parish Unitarian-Universalist Church.


Fronting on Barnard Lane and Portland Road, near the intersection of Route 1 and historic Summer Street, the majority of the Cemetery’s 120 acres are undeveloped woods and fields located in the north end of the rectangular property. The developed sections include a diversity of grave markers ranging
from early 19th century New England headstones with curious epitaphs and images in the Old Church


Yard to large natural stones, contemporary sculptures and traditional marble headstones in a variety of colors in the Main Section. There are also mausoleums built in a previous century for prominent local shipbuilding and merchant families. The stories of the families buried here are the stories of Kennebunk past and present.


The extensive diversity of trees and plants throughout the cemetery proper and the undeveloped areas range from giant cedars and copper beech to a large hemlock grove, towering pines, berry bushes and fields of wild flowers. The woods and fields provide wildlife habitat for a variety of animals including deer, turkeys, moose, raccoons, possum, fisher, coyote, hawks, owls, snakes, frogs, salamanders and song birds.

We welcome visitors to come and enjoy exploring the property. Please note, dogs must be on a leash or confined to a vehicle when on the cemetery grounds.